Impact of Netflix on Kids mind

Impact of Netflix on Kids mind

Netflix has now become most common platform for getting all your favourite content in present age. People of every age group are enjoying it in their own ways. Like every age group kids under 13 are also utilising it.

As everything has some good aspects and some bad aspects, same is the case with Netflix if we consider pre-teens.

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During pandemic it has become more common globally. Many behavioural changes have been noticed in pre-teens after watching Netflix content.

Content of Netflix is affecting young kids’ minds on the basis of good Vs bad in society and to what extent Netflix is effecting daily routine of kids. Why kids are considering social evils as adventures of life.

Kids are moving away from the fact that they will face real life struggles. There is no doubt in that Netflix is providing kids with a lot content but it is also changing perception of kids related to good vs bad.

Idealisation of Non-Realistic Characters

They are idealising non-realistic more than practical life. Netflix on daily basis even alone are getting more effected negatively and perceptions about good vs evil is very negative in every manner. Their habits, sleeping patterns and even schooling, everything is effected.

Their minds are more prepared for worst society which includes robbery, lying to parents, running away from home or school. This was totally alarming for us.

Netflix has changed kids’ perception in negative way more than positive way. These kids will shape future of the country and their minds are becoming more evil than good. Their perceptions are mostly based on appearances rather than facts.

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In this concern, parents should focus on what their kids are watching when alone. They should focus on putting age filters and filtered content to protect their kids from any kind of negative content.

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