Viral video of Hadi Bhutto

Viral video of Hadi Bhutto

Hadi Bhutto is one of the famous Tiktok star known for his liberal and progressive view. He gained a lot of social media popularity due to his different and bold views on various topics. Recently his video got viral which is now debate of the town.

Video faced a lot of criticism and hate on internet as it is not morally acceptable and good video. In the viral video, Hadi Bhutto can be seen dancing and smoking with a woman, video is watched by millions of people online.

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Some of the fans are supporting his action but a large number of people are criticizing him for such immoral video. Video gained a lot of view on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter causing a lot pf hate debates against him.

Free-Spirited Behavior

On the one hand, Tiktoker is facing a lot of criticism but some of his fans are considering him free-spirited and non-traditional behavior. Some of them are considering it as freedom of action and his personal life style.

A huge number of fans are considering the video negative for young people, many people are pointing out for smoking in public which is against the law of Pakistan and cultural values of country.

Hadi’s Bhutto account has taken a big hit because of the video, a lot of people noticed him and started sharing his previous and new videos but his video is still against the law, religion, country and norms.

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The viral video has become a hot topic of conversation now a days, involving people from different fields of life to criticize and talk about it. Some people are supporting his open and progressive mind while others are seriously concerned about the impact of video on young people.

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