ECP issued Code of Conduct for Media

ECP issued Code of Conduct for Media

Regarding the upcoming elections in Pakistan, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced the code of conduct for all national and international media according to which no channel is allowed to publish or release anything against country or judiciary.

According to the official statement issued by Election Commission of Pakistan, “No material against the integrity of country and the independence of the Judiciary would be publish or released”.

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According to the notification, The International media is also directed to follow the instruction issued by ECP.

The statement also stated, “Statements aimed at harming national unity and disrupting public order will not be published during the election campaign. Newspapers as well as digital and social media will also be bound by it”.

Law & Order Situation of Country

Election Commission issued the statement in order to protect safety of country and its people. The media should avoid any material that will disturb the law and order situation of Pakistan on polling and its surrounding days.

It is also said that any kind of personal attacks including religion, race, gender and social caste should be avoided. Strict legal action will result on any kind of such complaint.

ECP also directed media to not be a part of a governmental sponsored political campaign, saying that media should first contact the candidate before on airing any kind of allegation against other candidate.

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The Election body of Pakistan also directed media to not on air any kind of election results from any area till one hour of polling. All these instructions are issued to make sure the protection and safety of country.

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