One Wheeling Tiktokers arrested

One Wheeling Tiktokers arrested

Lahore Police arrested six suspects including a girl for one wheeling on motorbikes in the city and making Tiktok videos. The arrested individuals include Huma, Majid, Roman, Azan, Waqas and Haris.

Police acted and arrested the individuals after a video of girl one wheeling on motorbike got viral on social media. The group of bikers found guilty of performing risky stunts on bikes and doing one-wheeling.

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The suspects were using Lahore roads especially Ring road for doing their dangerous stunts. The girl Huma sits on back seat and do risky stunts on bike alone. The police lodged a case against suspects and seized their motorcycles.

Endangering Lives of others

Doing one-wheeling and other risky stunts on roads put everyone’s life in danger, SHO Shadbagh Police Station Qamar Abbas warned about the strict action and proper use of law against one-wheelers in the city.

The one-wheeler girl Huma is handed over to the Protection Centre for Women’s Safety and other suspects are under Police Custody. According to the latest reports, the cases of one-wheeling in Lahore increased during spring season.

The numbers of cases against one-wheeling and road stunts increase in months of March, April and May while it decreases in harsh summer and Winter seasons.

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The Data showed that one Wheelers swamp the road in pleasant spring weather and their number gradually drops in harsh weather. The calls made to Police Helpline 15 also increased during past two years for complaints against One-wheeling and road stunts.

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