Young Stunners set to perform along side Travis Scott in Dubai

Young Stunners set to perform along side Travis Scott in Dubai

Travis Scott, Talha Yunus and Talha Anjum

Alongside Travis Scott, Talha Yunus and Talha Anjum, also known as Talha Square and more frequently as Young Stunners, will be playing at the Wireless Music Festival in Dubai.

Young Stunners Cancel their Appearance at Karachi Eat

They were supposed to play at Karachi Eat’23 in the past, but owing to poor management, they were forced to postpone or cancel their appearance at the very last minute. The band has not yet issued any public remarks on the situation.

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Because their music has elements of storytelling, Young Stunners shows have always managed to enthrall young people. Because they draw upon their own life experiences in the creation of their music, it has always been a source of both amusement and inspiration for them.

Well Known Tracks of YS

The songs Afsanay, Gumaan, Ye Dunya, and Phir Milenge are among their most well-known works. Their latest single, titled “Karachi Lingo,” is now available on all streaming services.

Wireless Music Festival in Dubai

At the Wireless Music Festival in Dubai, the duo known as Talha Square—comprised of Talha Yunus and Talha Anjum—will be seen playing in front of their devoted fans. The fact that they will be playing with Travis Scott is easily the most exciting aspect of their performance.

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