Orange Line Bus Karachi: Timings, Routes and Tickets Price

Orange Line Bus Karachi: Timings, Routes and Tickets Price

Sindh Information and Transport Minister

The Orange Line Bus project is presently functioning in Karachi and is named in honor of “Abdul Sitar Edhi.” On September 10, 2022, “Sindh Information and Transport Minister” Sharjeel Memon inaugurated it. According to the official announcement, bus service began on Monday, September 12, 2022. This project was a component of large-scale mass transportation.

There are a total of four Orange Line stops, while the green line begins near the Board headquarters.

All information on the Orange line bus in Karachi, including its route, schedule, and ticket prices, is provided here. If you are seeking it, then maintain contact with us.

Orange Line Project

The Orange Line project was initiated by the Sindh government in 2016, and it was previously expected to be finished within a couple of years. However, due to a number of factors, its progress was too sluggish, resulting in a delay of many years.

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The project management talked with the Company on the design and infrastructure of the vehicle in order to give passengers with a comfortable trip. The single bus has 31 seats, and more than 64 people can purchase tickets to ride it.

The good news is that it has been formally opened and made operational, and is currently serving the inhabitants of Karachi.

Bus Rapid Transit

It is the shortest “Bus Rapid Transit” project in Pakistan, spanning a total distance of 3,9 kilometers. During its debut, it was stated that twenty buses with forty drivers will run on this route. The news has revealed, however, that it has a total of 18 buses whose objective is to service around 50,000 passengers every day.

At the AO chowk, the orange line is united with the green line, although the green line is still under development and is a massive metro project in Pakistan.

Orange Line Route, Timing, and Pricing

TMA office route, Orange Town route, Board office route, and North Nazimabad are the four stops along the orange line route. Each station is constructed 1 kilometer apart from the next. Thus, it takes between 1 and 2 minutes to go between stops. This journey takes a total of around 4 to 5 minutes, including stops.

The beginning of the orange line is located near AO chowk in Nazimabad. From the starting point, the first stop is Nishan e Haider chowk, located in the Orangi neighborhood of Karachi.

Route and Scheduling of Orange line

This pertains to the route and scheduling of the Orange line. If you are in this region without a vehicle, you choose to take the line since it is pleasant, quick, inexpensive, and handy.

The tariff and ticket pricing on the Orange line are commercial and affordable. Orange Line tickets cost a minimum of PKR 10 and a maximum of PKR 20.

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