Over 12.8 million videos removed by Tiktok

Over 12.8 million videos removed by Tiktok

Tiktok, most famous short video platform removed more than 12.8 million videos of Pakistani accounts within three months for violating community guidelines, making Pakistan second largest country in the context.

According to the recently published Community Guideline Report, Tiktok detailed the volume and nature of videos content that are removed from the platform. Tiktok also removed some of the accounts from platform.

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Removal of 12.8 million videos from Tiktok made Pakistan, the second largest country sith highest volume of videos taken down. First country is United States where 13 million videos are removed in three months.

14 million in Previous Quarter

Earlier, Tiktok removed 14 million from Pakistan in its first quarter making Pakistan second highest country. The total number of videos removed in 2022 was 85,680,819 which is 0.6% of total videos uploaded on Tiktok.

A total number of 46,836,047 videos were removed among which 5,477,549 videos were restored after some time. The platform also removed some accounts in Quarter 4 which were spam and posting spam videos.

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After that, proactive measures were taken by the platform to prevent spam accounts from being created through any means. 95% of the spam or illegal data is removed from Tiktok within a day and 89% is removed before any views.

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