YouTuber Chris Tyson undergoing Hormone Therapy

YouTuber Chris Tyson undergoing Hormone Therapy

Chris Tyson is one the main figure with Mr. beast who is one of the famous Youtuber. The 26-year-old Chris Tyson is in headlines from past few days as some of his personal life details are in discussion.

He is the most notable person from all the crew members of Mr. Beast videos. He is one of the earliest friend of Mr. Beast, both of them created a YouTube channel in 2012 which is now famous over the world and have 140 million subscribers.

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Chris Tyson was using bisexual identity for himself from a long time due to which he faced a lot of backlash from people all around the world. His family and friends do supported him on his decision. He recently revealed that he has been taking Hormone Replacement Therapy as it is difficult to live as non-conforming individual.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy ?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a procedure that can be used to modify the hormone balance in human body to acheive the desired goals of being gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

It involves estrogen and anti-androgen medication according to the wills and desires of a particular person. This therapy helps promoting the development of characteristics either female or male according to the desires of person.

Chris Tyson took it to his Twitter and tweeted that, he has been taking therapy from two months and visible changes are being noticed in his body.

The YouTube added that, this Hormone Replacement Therapy saved my life and it is a life-saving gender affirming healthcare for people like me who are facing a lot of challenges. Letting people make decisions abour their own body is their right, he added.

The YouTuber also expressed his desire to open up about the changes and revealing his identity, he said, “Someday I would like to go into detail about more of this but I am still very private about it due to things that happened when I tried coming out. I just dont want to be silent about it anymore”

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Back in 2016, when he tried to tell about his desires, he faced a serious negative response from many people but it seems like he is becoming more comfortable now when discussing about his gender and sexual identity.

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