Fawad’s ‘Racist’ Remark Against Pakhtun Community Sparks Uproar

Pakhtun Community

PTI MPA Hisham Inamullah Condemned Party

On Thursday, PTI MPA Hisham Inamullah condemned party vice president Fawad Chaudhry for making what he claimed to be a “racist comment” based on preconceived notions about Pakhtuns. 

The two were discussing an alleged incident in which former principal secretary Azam Khan allegedly locked former Federal Investigation Agency Director General Bashir Memon in the bathroom of the Prime Minister House a day ago when they appeared on anchorperson Kashif Abbasi’s ARY News programme “Off the Record.” 

Then Chaudhry said, “He took a tremendous risk in going to the bathroom with a Khan (Pakhtun),” causing Abbasi to interrupt. 

Widespread Condemnation

Inamullah responded to the joke by declaring that he was “happy to be a Pathan” in a statement posted to his Twitter account. 

Inamullah stated that he “strongly rejected” Chaudhry’s implied criticism of the entire Pakhtun community. 

He said that if Chaudhry had such negative views about Pakhtuns, why did he join a party whose head and the majority of its members were also Pakhtuns? “This is a disgraceful and disreputable charge,” he said. 

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Pakistan and its Political System

“Pakistan is made up of the Pathan, Baloch, Sindhi, and Punjabi peoples. No ethnicity, in our opinion, is superior to another because they all contributed significantly to the creation of Pakistan and its political system, and everyone should care about the respect and status of one another.” 

According to Inamullah, if Chaudhry considered himself to be a national leader and PTI member, he should ask for forgiveness from the Pakhtun community and work to become “actually free” from such thinking. He also added that thoughts like Chaudhry’s led to discord, mistrust, and unrest between ethnicities. 

Firmly Denounce Chaudhry’s Racist Remarks

Adil Shahzeb, the anchor of Dawn News, also called out a number of PTI ministers and Pakhtun community leaders, saying he expected them to firmly denounce Chaudhry’s racist remarks. 

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Minister Taimur Saleem Khan Jhagra, one of those named on the tags, said: “No question about it, highly opposed.” 

He did, however, inquire as to Shahzeb’s position on a number of other matters.

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