Unbearable Heat Wave in Pakistan

Unbearable Heat Wave in Pakistan

The high rising temperature is breaking records in many parts of Pakistan and people are suffering from excessive heat, power shutdowns and load shedding is doubling the difficulties and it is now out of control to bear such heat.

On the other hand, Pakistan also witnessed record low levels cold temperatures causing widespread difficulties to the people particularly suffering from breath-related issues.

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Climate-related Disasters

People all around the world are experiencing more intense temperatures, heat waves as well as cold air. The changings in climate-related disasters has become acutely worrying compelling scientists to reiterate that green house effect is damaged.

Increasing temperature is causing risk for many areas of Pakistan having negative impacts on crops, yields, local trade, jobs, health, migration, construction and electricity damages.

The heat is also causing damage to human health and resulting in myriad illness with some of them are incurable.

People with low income, living in poverty, and fewer opportunities with limited or no access to support are severely impacted by the extreme temperatures.

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Government of Pakistan should work with climate authorities on global level to take safety measures before hand in order to avoid any serious threats of future climatic changes and tough weather conditions.

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