Sultan al Jaber, Great ally for Climate

Sultan al Jaber, Great ally for Climate

United Arab Emirates is about to host the 2023 Climate Summit known as COP. UAE also announced its President of this climate summit who is an incharge of the National Oil Company in UAE. The selection of Sultan Al Jaber caused a lot of environmentalists to scoff at this choice of A Climate Conference in an oil state. But it seems like Sultan Al Jaber is the great of its kind for the climate movement.

Sultan Al Jaber, the government minister for United Arab Emirates, head of country’s National Oil Company and sustainable energy businesses, government also announced that Sultan Al Jaber will lead this year’s crucial UN climate talks.

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Al Jaber is the Minister for industry and advance technology, serving a long career including the positions as CEO of Masdar, a global renewable energy leader. Regarding climate changes and renewable energy sources.

Al Jaber recent address in India

During his last visit to India, Al Jaber mentioned about the full support UAE urges to provide for India regarding any climatic challenge. He also outlined all the gravity of challenges in future, saying that UAE will help India on all platforms in meeting its clean energy goals. He mentioned the investment in sectors like technology, decarburization, nuclear and hydro power projects.

Al Jaber during his conference address in India saying that impact of fossil fuels during global transition to clean energy need to mitigate. He said that it is our common challenge and interest to have energy industry working alongside everyone.

Al Jaber added that oil and gas are still the crucial need of world which most of the people are trying to ignore. When talking about tackling with climate change, ending oil and gas production is not the solution. Instead of it developing clean and sufficient power is necessary for facing climate challenges. We need to make solutions commonly as pro-growth and pro-climate at the same time, he added.

Founding CEO of Masdar

Sultan Al Jaber is also the chairperson and founding CEO of Masdar, a plan to generate 100 gigawatts renewable power by end of this decade. Most climate leaders appreciated Al Jaber’s appointment as COP’s President, including special climate envoy of Joe Biden, John Kerry.

The COP summit is going to be held in November, putting up a challenging pressure on CEO of Masdar, to push development sector and banks to expand their ambitions in clean energy projects investments. This year’s COP which is set up in UAE is going to be a chance of good action rather than only speech. The Summit must be “a cop of action”, one that might moves the world to get job done.

UAE goals to work in Climate sector

UAE is working domestically and internationally on serious climate challenges and has shown its great leadership in climate innovation and investment. It is already done its working in one of the largest investment in renewable energy transition such as carbon capture and low-carbon hydrogen.

The goal of UAEs Zero-carbon emission by 2050 is also worth mentioning here that is creating the great ways for production and consumption of renewable energy.

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The UAE’s agreement of putting a tobacco head as in charge of negotiating an anti-smoking treaty is one of the best decision also the ADNOC’s investment in the next few years will make it the second largest expander of oil and gas production globally. UAE is always focused on working in climate change sectors and it knows the importance and challenges that will be waiting for the whole world in future.

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