US pulling IMF to turn heat on Pakistan

US pulling IMF to turn heat on Pakistan

Pakistan is currently struggling a lot with its political, social and economic crises. The current government is trying to get bailout package deal from International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is delaying without specific reasons.

The United States Frets are most likely to be involved in delay chances over the country’s slant towards China and Iran, a couple of key regional powers.

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Pakistan managed to convince some close friend countries for fund but still IMF is asking for more funds promises. Recent political clash is also causing difficulties as Washington-based lender is not showing any leniency.

The IMF board added $1 billion in the package last year in August but it is still not transferred to Pakistan making the crises more difficult to handle for government as well as people of Pakistan.

Pakistan towards China & Iran

The government claimed that it has already fulfilled all the conditions of IMF but the board is ignoring the fact. Some political experts are blaming the situation on Pakistan’s attention towards China and Iran.

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari denied this fact saying, “Pakistan-Iran relations have nothing to do with IMF” but the political and economic experts believe that this will further complicate the relations.

China also helped Pakistan alot by rolling over large amounts of debt proving that China is not at all problem for Pakistan in terms of economic disruptions.

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The economic experts are also hopeless regarding the situation, as IMF deal is necessary and if it does not give us loan, multilaterals will also stop giving us funds which will make the situation worse.

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