UK Immigration Doors open for Pakistan

UK Immigration Doors open for Pakistan

United Kingdom immigration doors are now open for the World including Pakistan for addressing Skilled Labor Shortage, the country decided fo address its critical shortage of skilled individuals.

This immigration policy basically aims to transform the UK’s workforce with talented professionals who would be able to meet the growing demand of skilled labor in the country.

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To attract the high number of skilled individuals from around the globe, the United Kingdom government has introduced a new immigration policy that encompasses 226 categories for the first time.

This policy will help the country in changing the gap in United Kingdom’s labor market.

Increased Minimum Wages

The policy will also include the point of increased minimum wages for all categories of skilled individuals from all the countries including Pakistan. It will not only offer better opportunities but also ensure fair compensation for travellers.

To foster a diverse and talented workforce, United Kingdom is now also accepting the policy of provision for students who choose to work in UK after completing their education.

The salaries of students continuing their job after completing studies in UK will also increase to 20% making the prospect of working in UK even more appealing for students and professionals.

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Vise fee for immigration process of UK and students visa is also reduced making it affordable and accessible.

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