Amazon Plane Crash

Amazon Plane Crash

A heavy force of soldiers, snifer dogs and rescue teams are deployed in Amazon as the plane was crashed in the middle of Jungle almost 17 days back, killing three adults and many missing.

Three children and a baby were reported to be found alive after more than two weeks from the board of plane in the jungle. The Colombian President Gustavo Petro said “Children were discovered after search efforts by military, A Joy for Country”, he said.

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Earlier, Colombian Armed forces said that, all the efforts are going on, and a shelter built in an improvised way with sticks and branches have been found, showing the chances of more survivors but report is not confirm yet.

Thunderstorm in the Jungle

According to the sources, children are already transported to a safe place via boat down river and they are all alive but still area is posed with heavy thunderstorms and risk to the safety of survivors.

In a recently released photograph from Amazon Jungle, it can be seen easily that scissors, hair tie, baby’s drinking bottle and half-eaten piece of fruits had been found in the Jungle.

Among the dead members, one of the lady was mother of those kids, one of them was grandmother. Three helicopters have been used to help in the search process, one of which blasted out.

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The pilot reported problems with the engine just minutes before the plane crash and it disappeared from the radars of country soon after crash.

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