5 affordable food places in Islamabad

5 affordable food places in Islamabad

As the resident of Islamabad, one must know the restaurants here are modern with delicious food touch of world wide dishes as well as expensive. If someone is student or someone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on food, here we are with 5 most affordable food places in Pakistan with best taste of unique dishes.

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Savour Pulao

Savour Pulao is considered as the king of buffets and budget friendly food in Islamabad. It is one of the best Pulao in Pakistan having many branches in different cities. The best thing about Savour Pulao is that they refill your plate with rice free of cost. It is located in Blue Area Islamabad and one of the best place to treat your friends in budget.

Taimuri Roll Paratha

Many people love parathas but it is sometimes difficult to find perfect roll paratha in good budget. Taimuri Roll Paratha is located in F-10 Islamabad having more than 5 types of different flavors in Parathas. The best thing is that all the roll parathas are under 200 except for the Jumbo Roll Paratha which is twice as big as the ordinary one.

Docca Mocca

Docca Mocca located in G-8 Markaz is one of the best place to eat panini in affordable price. All of the items in their menu are for less than 500 Rs. The best thing they offer is their loaded pizza fries with extra cheese and sauces. It is one of the best place to activate your taste buds with best flavors.

Afghani Burger

Afghani Burger is totally a different burger from ordinary ones. They have different options with loaded fries to lift your whole mood with just one bite. It is located in G-9 and best thing so far in their place is that actual Afghani people are making this burger and making the taste more authentic.

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Quetta Tea and Teas

Quetta Tea and Teas is one of the best chai spot in Islamabad located in almost every sector. It not only offers best tea of the town but also unique food with affordable prices. Its Malai Boti from I-8 branch is one of the best amazing dish to try.

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