AI predicted 60 years ago in Tom & Jerry

AI predicted 60 years ago in Tom & Jerry

Artificial Intelligence is the latest talk of the town changing the patterns of offices, institutions, medical, education and all the fields of life. The development of Artificial Intelligence also put up a question mark on abilities of human services.

Recently a video of beloved cartoon series Tom and Jerry is also circulating on social media, showing the fear of human services replacement with AI. The cartoon showed the cat who is kept by the owner to deal with rats in the house.

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Tom usually failed to catch jerry whereas the robotic cat having AI abilities successfully taken care of Jerry. An employee of Indian Administrative Service, Supriya Sahu tweeted the cartoonic video writing that, “60 years ago Tom was first one to lose his job because of AI”.

In the video the cat owner specifically call the tom and and tell him to pack his luggage as computerized cat would carry out the duties of Tom. At the end of video Tom felt depressed after being replaced.

Robotic Cat 60 years back

The robotic cat came with a note, “Mechano, The cat of tomorrow, No feeding, No Fussing and No Fur clean, efficient dependable”. More than 35,000 people watched and shared the video saying that it is happening now and predicted 60 years back.

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One of the users also posted the next scene of the cartoon showing how robotic cat destroyed the whole house, mentioning that robots could be a temporary use but can never be as sensible support for any work. Humans are still necessary and cannot be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

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