Google celebrating women day with a doodle

Google celebrating women day with a doodle

Google has a tradition of celebrating events by changing its doodle according to the event. It also paid tribute to women on International Women Day which is celebrated around the world. Google changes its doodle with representation of women from different fields of life.

The theme for Women Day google doodle this year was to show how women support another women in her dreams and life. The technology giant said that each word of google is showing the support women provide to each other.

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Message from Google Doodle

Alyssa Winans illustrated the google doodle for Women Day, depicting the influence of women in lives of other women. It also showed that women come together to explore, learn and achieve their goals and rights providing every kind of support and help to each other.

Alyssa Winans on her opinion about google doodle said that this year theme reflects on all the ways women experience help and support from any other women in their life. She added that entire range of experience we get by being a women can’t be captured fully as there is a lot more about womanhood to talk about.

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A first and main part of google doodle showed two women feeding their babies in different ways. Alynna Winans tried to show the support women give each other while facing the complications of motherhood.

Google wished International Women Day to Women across the globe and appreciate them on supporting each other at every aspect of life.

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