Afghan women still out of universities

Afghan women still out of universities

Afghan universities reopened after winter vacations but only male students returned to classes, as female students are still not allowed to get higher education by Taliban authorities. The universities ban is one of the major restrictions implemented by Taliban government.

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Taliban authorities started their tenure in August 2021 putting a lot of bans and restrictions on public, including no higher education facility for women. People are feeling heartbreaking to see men going to universities.

A 22 year old girl Rahela from province of Ghor said that men are perusing their higher education and female are sitting inside the houses, it is totally gender discriminations, our religion allow us to get higher education, nobody is allowed to stop us from learning.

Strict dress code

The Taliban Government imposed this ban considering the fact of strict dress code and requirement to be accompanied by a male relative. Some of the universities in Afghanistan also arranged gender-segregated classrooms for students.

One of the students of Computer science department of Herat University Mohammad Haseeb Habibzadah said that, “It’s painful to see thousands of girls are deprived of education today”.

Waheeda Durani, a journalism student who quit her education last year said that this government wanted women to remain uneducated. They know that if Afghan girls get educated, they will never accept their government that exploits Islam and Quran.

However, Taliban officials say that the ban is temporary but all the promises are still not fulfilled, they even closed the secondary schools from more than a year. Lack of funds, remodeling of syllabus, Islamic lines are some of the reasons Taliban authorities are giving on closure of education institutes.

After retaking power, Taliban authorities also removed women from major sector of jobs, they are also barred from going to parks, fairs and public baths.

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A lot of international communities are demanding freedom of Afghani people from Taliban government and condemned the restrictions as Gender-based apartheid. No country has still recognized the Taliban authorities as Afghanistan’s rulers.

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