High Blood Pressure, Causes & Cure

High Blood Pressure, Causes & Cure

High Blood Pressure is the common issue diagnosed among a lot of people, it is a disease caused because of irregular blood force against the walls of arteries, when the force increased it cause blood pressure to increase more than normal rate.

High blood pressure caused by blood force on heart and blood vessels can also result in major diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney diseases. The arteries resistance and heart blood flow are related to each other in two primary determinants.

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Systolic pressure and diastolic pressure, which are used to express the pressure of blood normally measured in millimeters. The normal blood pressure rate is commonly 120/80 mmHg, pressure measured above this range is referred as high blood pressure.

Factors causing high blood pressure

There are a lot of factors causing high blood pressure including age, genes, weight, physical activities, diet and lifestyle. Being over weight and not controlling your diet properly can cause high blood pressure. Smoking is also another major reason of causing high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can also be caused due to genetics, if the family has history of having high blood pressures in ancestors, it would be transmit from generations to generations. Another risk of developing high blood pressure is age factor, blood pressure in vessels increase as the person gets older.

Treatment of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is treated with proper recommended lifestyle by doctor or dietitian and sometimes both. Most of the doctors recommend to take healthy diet, low in salt, cholesterol, and saturated fat.

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Another treatment for high blood pressure is getting regular exercise and walk to balance the blood flow and pressure in vessels. Healthcare experts also recommends special medication on daily basis to control blood pressure and save the patient from any kind of serious mishap.

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