Small Talks to Remove Pressure Around Indo-Pak Game

Indo-Pak Game

Opposing Captains Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam

According to opposing captains Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam, general conversation about families and automobiles helps players from India and Pakistan calm the tension before a match between the hostile neighbours. 

Due to their strained political relationship, bilateral cricket between the arch-rivals is still on hold, and tensions are high whenever they compete against each other in multi-team tournaments. 

Showdown in Melbourne

The former champions’ October 23 showdown in Melbourne is already generating excitement, although India captain Rohit tried to play down the excitement around one of cricket’s greatest rivalries. 

The batsman added during the pre-tournament leaders’ engagement with the media, “We recognise the importance of the game but there’s no use talking about it every time and putting that pressure within yourself.” 

The teams’ friendliness was visible at the recent Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates, despite the fact that spectators treat every India-Pakistan match as a competition to outdo the other. 

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Shaheen Afridi’s Return

Shaheen Afridi, a Pakistani speedster, wished for Virat Kohli to get well quickly while Rohit and his teammates wished for Shaheen Afridi to quickly recover from a knee injury. 

Every time we get together, whether it be at the Asia Cup or now, Rohit added, “we talk about how things are at home and how the families are.” 

“The older cricketers informed us that they, too, used to talk about these topics, such as, “How’s life? Which car are you purchasing or intending to purchase?”

Despite their heated rivalry on the field, Babar verified the friendly relations between the teams off it. 

Fashionable Opener

The fashionable opener claimed, “When we meet, we don’t even talk cricket. “He (Rohit) is my superior. Since he has worked for India for such a long period, I try to draw on his experience whenever we come across something. 

It’s always beneficial to take advice from others’ experience. 

Despite his happy disposition, Babar was well aware of the match’s significance. 

The 28-year-old remarked, “Any match versus India is always a high-intensity contest. Fans wait for them as well. We have a great time and give it our all on the pitch.”

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