Imran Khan Arrest chances on Tuesday

Imran Khan Arrest chances on Tuesday

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan gestures that he will be arrested by Islamabad police on Tuesday, when he is going to appear in court to get bail in several cases.

While speaking in an interview he said, “On Tuesday, I am going to make an appearance for various bails in Islamabad, 80% chances that I will be arrested. So right now there is no rule of law”.

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He further added, “Everything is being done just to dismantle our democracy, so right now as we speak, over 10,000 workers have been arrested. My entire senior leadership is in jail and half are on bail”.

Assassination Attempt on his life

He also draw attention of media towards attacks on his life, he also expressed lingering concerns for his personal safety. Earlier Imran Khan was arrested and Supreme Court judge gave him bail for illegal arrest by NAB.

Imran Khan said, “In November, there was an assassination attempt which I had predicted. I had been warning that they are going to use this so-called religious fanatic who was going to kill me and then, just like Salman Taseer, our governor who was killed by a religious fanatic. So they were going tp use that to bump me off”.

The former Prime Minister Imran Khan also talked about the intentions of current government towards the elections date in October, he showed his concern that government is trying to postpone elections after October also.

Imran firmly believes that PTI is going to be succeed in next elections and that is the biggest anxietg for coilation government about facing his party in upcoming electiona.

He also warned about the relationships with military, he said even in the event of a victory against the military, it would ultimately result in a loss for the country. Former PM added, “There is something he has against me which I don’t know”.

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PTI Chairman Imran Khan accused the police of arresting around 7500 protestors, belived to be affiliated with his party. He also urged his supporters to remain peaceful and calm if his re-arrest occurs.

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