Chinese Scientists deep into Earth

Chinese Scientists deep into Earth

After exploring Space, The second largest economy of World, China is now going deep in to earth to explore the treasures hidden in deep down of earth. This mission is started 10000m deep in oil-rick Xinjian region of China.

Chinese scientists officialy begun the drilling mission by digging hole into Earth’s crist to explore the new frontiers above and below the surface of planet Earth.

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China’s Deepest ever Hole

The 10000m deep hole is going to be the deepest holy to began in China. According to the report, this will penetrate more than 10 continental strata, or layers of rock and reach the earth surface which features rock dating back some 145 million years.

A scientist of Chinese Academy of Engineering said, “The construction difficulty of the drilling project can be compared to a big truck driving on two thin steel cables”.

President of China Xi Jinping talked about the mission back in 2021 while giving his speech to leading scientists of nation. He said, “Earth exploration can identify minerals and energy resources and help assess the risks of environmental disasters, such as earthquakes and volcano eruptions”.

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The deepest man-made hole on Earth right now is Russian Kola Superdeep Borehole, which is in depth of 12,262 meters in 1989. Russia got the record of this hole after drilling of 20 years.

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