Danish PM delivered Speech written by AI

Danish PM delivered Speech written by AI use

Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen used Artificial Intelligence for delivering a speech, the Danish government wrote the speech by using AI to check the revolutionary aspects and risks factors involved in AI.

As the Danish Parliament gets ready to close for summer, head of country gave a traditional speech fully written by AI.

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Was the Speech successfull ?

Mette Frederiksen gave the speech in two ways and in the second way, she parted her ways from written part and said, “What I have just read here is not from me. Or any other human for that matter“. She explained the fact that, written data is just created by ChatGPT.

The Prime Minister added, “Even if it did not always hit the nail on the head, both in terms of the details of the government’s work programme and punctuation. It is both fascinating and terrifying what it is capable of”.

ChatGPT came to spotlight last year, having an ability to write essays, poems, assignments, conversations on any topic or giving information related to any work. Right after it’s begining ChatGPT got involved in every business and normal work.

The programme’s wild success sparked a gold rush with billions of dollars of investment into the field, but critics and insiders have raised the alarm. Experts are worried about the destructions which will result in working with AI.

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Common risks include the flooding of disinformation, tha biased alogrithms will create out racist material, or may be AI automation could lay waste to entire industries.

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