Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Investing in Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence is taking a step in every field of life from health to education, fashion to science and everything, people are now investing huge in Artificial Intelligence technology.

Technology investors are hunting for undervalued opportunities in this changing over-valued space. Everyone is searching for ways to invest best in potential of Artificial Intelligence. This changing phenomena started when Microsoft started its ChatGPT AI bot back in November.

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The shares of computer chips that were used to train AI, have almost doubled after it’s launch, the stock value of company also increased, double than that of Europe’s Nestle.

The shares of C3.AI, the loss-maling AI siftware company also increased 149% this year and company also launched it’s own AI platform, keeping in mind the importance of Artificial Intelligence in changing world.

Investors Chasing AI

World class investors are now chasing Artificial Intelligence, technology that runs ChatGPT, learning to generate texts, images and computer codes. Many businesses are trying to use generative AI to speed up video editing, recruitment and even legal works.

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The use of AI is going to be as transformative as the internet, it will replace many things and help many tasks in coming future. The big technology companies like Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, all are working in advancement of AI which would be really great for coming decades.

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