Russian Spy Whale in Sweden

Russian Spy Whale in Sweden

A Spy Whale appeared on Sweden Coast, turned out to be a same whale which appeared on Norway Coast in 2019. The Whale said to be a trained spy whale from Russian Navy.

Earlier, it was found in Norway’s Far nothern region of Finnmark, the whale spent more than three years slowly moving down the top half of Norwegian Coastline, it covered the second half in recent months and now reached to Sweden.

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Whale away from Natural Environment

The Marine Biologist Sebastian Strand said, “We don’t know why he has sped up so fast right now. The Whale is moving very quickly away from his natural environment”.

He further said, “It could be hormones driving him to find a mate. Or it could be loneliness as Belugas are a very social species. It could be thag he is searching for other Beluga Whales to interact with”.

Sebastian Strand said, “The Whale is at age of 13-14 years old, at an age where his hormones are very high”. The Whale has not seen a single Baluga since 2019 thats why the specie is now moving so fast towards coast.

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Earlier, when whale showed in Norway Coast, marine biologist removed the man-made harness attached to Whale which is found as Russian printed plastic clasp with “Equipment St. Petersburg” words on it.

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