Why Sonam Bajwa refused Bollywood film ?

Why Sonam Bajwa refused Bollywood film ?

Sonam Bajwa is one of the most favorite actress not only in India but also in Pakistan and other countries. Her Punjabi films get a lot of love and appreciation from global level audience.

The actress made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2013 with Punjabi film ‘Best of Luck’. She recently made headlines after declining a Bollywood film due to ‘indecenr scenes’.

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Sonam Bajwa turned down the decision immediately after receiving the offer, despite the tempting opportunity, she refused out of concern for her loyal Punjabi audience who always supported her in every character.

Sonam Bajwa’s Biggest fear

Sonam Bajwa also talked about her worries and fears which are disappointing her family, fans and supporters who hold her in high regard. She is recognized as the best for her remarkable performances in Punjabi film industry.

By refusing the Bollywood offer, Sonam Bajwa demonstrated her commitment to maintaining the trust relationship with Punjabi audience, who just helped her in throughout career.

Sonam Bajwa is not only loved in India, but she also have a lot of fans following in Pakistan. Her Pakistani audience is waiting for her visit to Pakistan and she also knows about it. Sonam Bajwa also made a statement of her visiting Pakistan soon.

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Actors like Sonam Bajwa play a very crucial role in shaping the culture of entertainment and cinema, as the World is growing rapidly and people are living in a global village where geographical distance is nothing.

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