Talk show host “Jerry Springer” Dies

Talk show host "Jerry Springer" Dies

Jerry Springer, popular United States show host died at the age of 79, his show became an international hit that ran for 27 long years with unlimited popularity. According to the family statement, he died at his home at Chicago.

Jerry Springer show became a popular hit because of his ability to connect with people by heart whether he talked about politics, weather, personal problems or just joking with people on the streets.

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The Jerry Springer Show

The Jerry Springer Show was launched in 1991 as an ordinary talk show talking about social issues and US politics. Jerry was mild-mannered lawyer and former politician at that time who briefly served as mayor of Cinvinnati, Ohio in 1977.

The show started focusing on salacious and outrageous content to gain more ratings. The guests also came to talk about family problems and expose adultery and other transgressions.

In late 1990s, Jerry’s show topped the daytime ratings in United States, leaving behind the cultural giant The Oprah Winfrey Show. When the Jerry Springer Show started running internationally it also fascinated audiences overseas.

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The encounters, fights and straight talks in Jerry shows and Jerry playing as mediator with guests being held by security guards gained huge popularity. Many shows were also punctuated by his audience roaring his name Jerry Jerry Jerry !.

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