PTI candidate attempts Suicide after Party Ticket Change

PTI candidate attempts Suicide after Party Ticket Change

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Candidate Ehsan Toor attempted suicide after PTI Chief Imran Khan changes several party tickets in Faisalabad for upcoming election 2023 in Punjab.

Ehsan Toor’s father is also protesting outside the Zaman Park house of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan. The PTI has recently changed the candidates in 21 constitutions in Punjab, nine tickets are left vacant.

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Tickets changes and new allotments

According to the sources, Imran Khan awarded the ticket to Tariq Murtaza, Ajmal Sabir, Arif Abbasi, Sahil Gujjar, Nazir Sabir and Afzal Mahesar from the constituencies of PP-7, PP-10, PP-11, PP-73 and PP-50.

A ticket has also been allotted to Ali Waseem Khan to contest from PP-57 and Rana Nazir will contest from PP-61 in upcoming elections.

The PTI has also issued tickets to Shakeel Niazi, Muhammad Damra, Zahid Iqbal, Ahmad Yaar, Raja Saleem, Nadia Khar, Mazhar Jatoi and Jan Younis from PP-272.

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Other contests are Muhammad Ali from PP-62, Abu Zar Chidhar PP-137, Chand Bibi from PP-189 and Muhammad Sarwar from PP-201. Earlier PTI Chief Imran Khan has not released any tickets for candidates but he changed many tickets after inspecting all the applications himself.

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