Inflation overshadows Eid Celebrations

Inflation overshadows Eid Celebrations

Shopping, buying new clothes, cooking delicious foods, giving gifts to each other are all considered as part of celebrations on Eid ul Fitr but this time inflation is making it difficult for Pakistani people to manage these celebrations.

The eid festival feels incomplete without special cuisines, adored in new attires, meeting friends and family and sharing happiness with each each. The people’s spirits in celebrating eid seems low and all thanks to increasing inflation and stagnant income.

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People are visiting markets but most people have truncated budgets for eid shopping. All the items are now 100% higher in rates than last year.

Circle of Happiness by Circulation of Money

Money seems to be the reality of happiness as it can buy you basic necessities of life and on the events like Eid, money can eventually buy you many usual items which are necessary. But due to inflation it seems difficult.

Most commonly inflation does not hit everyone but the salaried class, the main dependants on economy. Middle class families are the ones who get affected a lot by this unequal circulation of money in society.

Food cuisines are the most important component of all the houses on eid. Everyone loves to cook and eat delicious food for three days of eid but their desires are fuming to see high prices of food items in market.

The price per kilogram chicken is now equal to price of whole meal last year. The cost of living crises seems to have blighted the pre-Eid activities. The influx of beggars and fear of criminal activities also increased keeping one away from buying stuff.

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The atomsphere of increase inflation and economic meltdown have overshadowed the charisma of Eid festival and people are just feeling awful about this sad situation.

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