PML-N slammed by Armeena Khan & Family

PML-N slammed by Armeena Khan & Family

Pakistani Actor Armeena Rana Khan and husband Fesal Raza Khan spoke against Pakistan Muslim League N for uploading picture of their daughter and actress Armeena Khan on Twitter social handle of PML-N.

The couple is demanding apology from the party. Many other celebrities are also criticizing the act of PML-N and asking for apology statement from party officials. Actors are standing firm with fellow actress Armeena and asking for immediate deletion of picture.

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Husband of Armeena Rana Khan wrote on his official account that, “PML-N leadership you are responsible for this account. You have posted the photo of my Infant, just to troll my wife, thus crossing all bounds of decency. My daughter and I have no interest in PK politics. But as a father, I will protect my child. Apologise immediately”.

PML-N Vs. PTI Social media campaigns

Both PML-N and PTI are running different campaigns on social media against each other to win votes and to impact public with their opinions but crossing the limits and involving other people in their campaign was never a good tactic to follow.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz posted a picture of Armeena Khan with her daughter writing, “How will the sick minded Youthias train the coming generation and the fifth generation youthia will be at the lowest level”.

The conflict started when a PTI activist Shayan Ali posted the video of Maryam Nawaz showing a woman duping her for selfie and instead of it asked Maryam to say, “My family are thieves”.

The video circulated on the internet and people reacted to it as a “Cheap act” by woman while some of the users also supported it. Maryam Nawaz handled the situation calmly and passed a smile to lady.

This video was later retweeted by Armeena Rana Khan with a caption, “Had this happened in Pakistan, the selfie lady would have disappeared. I am glad we have such freedoms in UK where we hold our politicians to account”.

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Some of social media users also criticized the actress saying that this is totally not freedom of speech but an act of disrespect.

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