Indian response to PM Pakistan dialogue

Indian response to PM Pakistan dialogue

In response to Pakistan’s peace dialogue, New Delhi said that we need to set the condition for an unconditional dialogue with Pakistan.  India restated its position once again in relations with Pakistan by saying that a conducive atmosphere free of terror is needed to talk.

The Prime minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef requested the president of UAE to help solving the conflict between Pakistan and India as they are neighboring countries and we need to have better terms with close neighboring countries.

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UAE to help on Kashmir issue

In an interview to Arab TV channel, he said that India should respond positively in this matter and stop creating terror and fear in Kashmir. In response to his interview, New Delhi repudiated its position by saying that we need a peaceful environment to talk with Pakistan.

The Indian foreign Ministry spokesperson, said that we always wanted strong and peaceful bilateral relations with Pakistan in a normal way. Earlier the spokesperson to Pakistan foreign ministry, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch also said that we would love to welcome the international community to solve the conflicting situation between Pakistan and India.

The high level of conflict started between Pakistan and India, after Modi government came into power in 2019, Modi administration started war scenario and violation of human rights in Kashmir and destroyed the peace of Himalayan valley. After that the situation between Pakistan and India remained conflicting till date.

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Arindam Bagchi, the Indian spokesperson further said that we need terror free and peaceful environment to talk that is always our position.

The Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef gave message to Indian leadership is that let us sit down and have serious talks to resolve this burning fire situation between both the nations.

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