Jeremy Renner in Snow Accident

Jeremy Renner in Snow Accident

Jeremy Renner in his recent interview revealed the tale of his accident saying that it was totally ‘my mistake’. The Avengers actor apologised from his family for accident he faced on New Years’ day.

Jeremy Renner shared his story saying that, it was actually his fault behind the snowplough accident which left him close to death. He said, apologises are not enough but still he is sorry for putting love ones through the ordeal.

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In a recent interview, top actor said that, he was driving the snowplough to enjoy the moment after using the plough to pull one of the family’s truck stuck in the snow.

How the Accident happened ?

Jeremy Renner said that, as he was driving the snowplough on ice he became worried about the safety of his nephew Alex who had just unhooked the chains of truck. He said, as he looked back to my nephew he forgot to set the parking brake.

Jeremy Renner while seated in the wheelchair said that, “You should not be outside the vehicle when you are operating it. Its like driving a car with one foot out of the car”.

Neighbours and surrounding people found him with blood all around him, shallow breathing and a crack in his skull.

Renner said that, “I still feel bad for my actions that caused a lot of pain to others”. Titanium rods and screws are used to repair his broken ribs and a metal is placed in his legs and face to rebuild an eye socket.

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Renner is one of the best actor famous for his brilliant performances. He was also nominated for Academy Award for best actor in film thec in 2008.

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