How to Vote For American Music Awards 2022

American Music Awards 2022

American Music Awards

You’ve probably heard that unlike the Grammy Awards, which are decided exclusively by Recording Academy members, the American Music Awards are decided solely by fans. 

But if you are inclined to vote in the AMAs, how exactly do you do that? 

The 2022 American Music Awards nominees were revealed on Thursday (Oct. 13). All but one of the 37 categories for this year are currently open for a fan vote. Favorite K-pop artist voting will begin on November 1st. 

Let’s address some of your voting-related queries as well as some more general AMAs queries while we’re at it. 

Options for AMAs Fan Voting

Web voting and Twitter voting are the two options for AMAs fan voting. Visit to cast your online ballot. 

You must tweet the following from a public Twitter account in order to vote on Twitter: 

Name of the artist, name of the award category, and #AMAs 

Song categories: Song title, AMAs, and name of the award category 

Album categories: the name of the album, the prize category, and the AMAs 

I’m voting for Toni Braxton for artist of the year at the #AMAs! is a legitimate Twitter vote. 

Any Other Guidelines I Should Be Aware Of? 

Valid votes are also counted when they are retweeted. Per tweet, you can only vote for one category and one nominee. 

How Many Votes Can You Cast Each Day? 

Per category and voting method may be used up to 22 times each day. 

Thus, this programme accurately gauges fan interest. It is likely that the performer with the most devoted fans will prevail. 

That’s basically it. 

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When Does Voting For Award Categories For Other “Favourite K-pop Artist” End? 

Nov. 14 at 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time. 

How Were The Nominations Chosen Considering Voting is Only Now Becoming Available? 

The Billboard charts, which include important fan engagements including streaming, album and song sales, radio airplay, and tour receipts, are used to determine nominees. These metrics, which cover the eligible period of September 24, 2021, through September 22, 2022, are tracked by Billboard and its data partner Luminate (representing Billboard chart dates of Oct. 9, 2021, through Oct. 1, 2022). 

Who Are The Leading Contenders For This Year? 

With eight nominations, including his first for artist of the year, Bad Bunny is the most nominated. With six nods each, Beyoncé, Drake, and Taylor Swift are not far behind. The Weeknd, Future, Harry Styles, and Adele each garnered five nominations. 

This Year, Are There Any Brand-New Categories? 

This year, the AMAs added or brought back six categories: best K-pop artist, best Afrobeats artist, best rock song, best rock album, best touring artist, and best soundtrack. K-pop and Afrobeats, which previously lacked AMAs categories devoted to them, have achieved a major success with this. 

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