How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Earn Money Online

Country’s Rising Inflation

Everyone is seeking a second source of income in Pakistan after the Covid in order to make ends meet with the country’s rising inflation. So, we decided to create a comprehensive guide on making money online. 

Freelancers in Pakistan generated $216.788 million in the fiscal year 2021–2022 – signifying an exponential increase over the past few years. 

People who wish to work online, make a side income, or have a full-time job have a lot of opportunities. 

Websites for Online Earning

There are numerous websites where users may complete surveys in exchange for money before we discuss the websites for online earning. But don’t be duped by them. Selling your services or goods online is the only legal way to earn money online. 

We’ll discuss ways to make money online with little or no investment because the majority of people wish to do so. So you may earn a good living without having to worry about making investments. 

Top Best Online Course Platforms of 2022 in Pakistan

Sell Service on Freelancing Websites

In 2022, freelancing will be popular, largely because it doesn’t cost any money to start. Whether you are a writer or an artist who makes graphics, you may sell any service on freelancing websites. 

Here are the best websites for freelancers in 2022; 


The finest website to generate money online with investment is called Fiverr. It is Pakistan’s #1 website for freelancers. Any service is available on this platform. Fiverr is a freelancing gig marketplace where you can start taking orders for $5. 

Regardless of your level of expertise or utter beginnerdom, Fiverr offers opportunities for everyone. 

The following are the services that are most lucrative to sell on Fiverr: 

  • Verification and Editing 
  • Book Cover Design 
  • Designing logos 
  • Ads for virtual assistants 
  • Making Video Welcomes or Intros 
  • Writing Digital Marketing Articles 


Unlike Fiverr, Upwork gives professionals the chance to work. Contractors, business owners, and professionals can all find work on Upwork. Freelancers frequently work with the same businesses for years; Upwork focuses on long-term projects. 

When freelancing in particular industries, bid on assignments to get contracts. 

You need Connects in order to bid on Upwork. Upwork offers 80 Connects to freelancers for free at the beginning. You must purchase a monthly subscription once you’ve used up all of your free Connects. 

After work is over, a client reviews you on your profile, which promotes future business for you. 

Another user-friendly platform for freelancing in Pakistan is called Freelancer. On, freelancers may easily set up profiles and begin selling. Every month, eight offers are made to free members. 

Since has chosen a milestone payment method, you will only be paid when you reach predetermined goals. 

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Become a Freelancer

Whether they work with businesses or make money through monetization, influencers are well compensated. Being a freelancer has a variety of advantages, including: 

  • Your work is independent 
  • You don’t rely on any company or website. 

Useful websites are listed below: 


While most people are aware that YouTubers receive significant payments to display commercials on their channels, most are unaware of the frequency with which they do so. It is a fantastic technique to make money online without investing in Pakistan. 

You need content to start on YouTube, and that stuff needs to be original. YouTube used video and display banner adverts to commercialise content. According to their genre, YouTube rewards its producers. Among the highest-paying specialties are marketing, finance, and education. 

You don’t have to create significant stuff. Additionally, you can create vlogs, ASMRs, and humorous stuff. 

The top-paying YouTube niches are shown below. 

  • Use of social media 
  • Accounting & Investing 
  • Learning Videos 
  • Film and photography Making\sCars 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Clothing & Fashion 
  • Entertainment\sCooking 


On Facebook and Instagram, becoming an influencer is simpler than ever. People are noticing a sharp increase in their accounts’ growth since the addition of Reels. 

Most people are unaware of the millions of rupees that social media influencers can earn through company sponsorship, product reviews, and other methods. 

You need to choose a niche before you start using social media sites like Instagram and Facebook; it might be fashion, food, or anything else that interests you. Following that, you must concentrate on market trends and work continuously for a long time. 

Brands will immediately start contacting you for sponsorships after you have a certain amount of exposure and fan base. 

Become a Blogger

We’ve been blogging for a long time. For those who enjoy writing, it might be a rewarding project; you only need Rs. 5,000 to launch a blog. 

You may work whenever you want, making it a fantastic method to make money online. Like Fiverr, Upwork, or YouTube, you are not dependent on them. Therefore, the terms and policies of firms do not apply to you. 

Once you know what your blog will cover, you must choose a niche before you can start writing. The next step is to get a domain and web hosting. WordPress allows you to create a free website. 

When the website is complete, you may begin adding content. Through SEO optimization, the material will eventually rank on Google, bringing visitors to your blog.

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