Top Best Online Course Platforms of 2022 in Pakistan

The future of education is digital, and online course platforms in Pakistan will spearhead this transition. Learners have access to these online education systems from anywhere and at any time. This makes education not only handy, but also affordable and available to everyone. 

There are numerous websites in Pakistan that provide a variety of online courses. Among these are general knowledge, computer skills, professional certifications, business, foreign languages, and personal growth. Here, we shall examine a directory of online education platforms in Pakistan. 

Their development potential and learner adoption rate so that you can take practical initiatives moving forward. Moreover, some of these platforms provide free online courses. Therefore, if you cannot afford to pay, you can still learn a variety of talents for free.

Here are the top best online course platforms of 2022 in Pakistan:

  1. Udemy

Udemy is one of Pakistan’s leading online learning sites. There are currently over 50,000 courses and over 10 million students enrolled on Udemy. In addition to paid courses, Udemy offers free online courses. There are both paid and free courses on Udemy. The average cost of a premium course is approximately $80, although there are also free courses. Udemy provides a vast array of courses, such as business skills, programming, health and fitness, languages, and artistic abilities.

You can enroll in Udemy’s online courses from Pakistan and learn at your leisure. It is in the list of the greatest online learning platforms due to its excellent content, user-friendly interface, and extensive course offerings.

  1. is an additional Pakistani online education leader. It offers numerous courses on a number of areas, including business skills, data science, information technology, and leadership. Learners have the option between online and video courses. Learners must register and pay a nominal charge for online courses, although YouTube video classes are offered for free. is an excellent option for an online platform in Pakistan because of its affordability, convenience, and usability.

  1. is one of Pakistan’s leading online learning platforms. It offers free online classes on a variety of subjects, including business skills, IT skills, and artistic skills. Students can access the courses at any time and from any location. 

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The courses also provide learners with access to discussion boards and group chats where they can communicate with other students and course instructors. is a fantastic alternative for online learning in Pakistan because of its extensive course selection, user-friendliness, and high-quality content.

  1. Skillshare

Skillshare is one of the most prominent online education platforms in the United States. It is also gaining popularity in Pakistan and is becoming one of the country’s leading online course platforms. Skillshare offers a variety of online courses in art and design, business skills, fitness and health, languages, and technology, among others. 

Skillshare has a unique price structure, and learners can choose whatever course they like as long as they pay for it. Skillshare also offers a number of free online courses. Skillshare is the best option for online courses in Pakistan due to its extensive course selection and variety.

  1. Harvard Online Courses

Harvard University, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, offers online courses on a variety of subjects. Available courses include business skills, creative skills, health & fitness, foreign languages, and technology. Harvard runs online classes to teach these courses, allowing participation even from Pakistan.

Although the majority of Harvard’s online courses are free, there are also paid options. You should enroll in one of Harvard University’s online courses, as it would be an excellent addition to your résumé. In addition, it provides excellent content, a vast selection of courses, and a positive user experience.


Coursera is another of Pakistan’s leading online learning platforms. It offers numerous online courses on a number of subjects, such as business skills, creative skills, health and fitness, language skills, and technology. You can enroll in any course as long as you pay for it, as the cost of each course varies. 

Coursera provides a positive user experience and is simple to utilize. The only disadvantage is that just a few courses are offered in Pakistani. Coursera is a good alternative for online education in Pakistan for a number of reasons. For example, it has high-quality material and a wide user base.

  1. MDi Pakistan Online Training

MDi Pakistan Online Training is an online educational portal offering a variety of courses. It offers classes on a variety of subjects, such as business skills, artistic skills, health and fitness, language skills, and technology. 

The fees for MDi Pakistan Online Training vary, and learners can choose any course for which they are willing to pay. You should choose MDi Pakistan Online Training for online education in Pakistan due to its extensive course selection and user-friendliness.

Online education platforms in Pakistan are gaining popularity and offering customers with a great deal of value. Udemy,,, Skillshare, Harvard Online Courses, Coursera, and MDi Pakistan Online Training are the leading online education platforms in Pakistan. These platforms provide a vast selection of courses, feature excellent material, and are simple to use.

Which one are you willing to try out?

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