Spotify vs Apple Music vs Sound Cloud: 12 best music streaming services in 2021

Headline Spotify vs Apple Music vs Sound Cloud: 12 best music streaming services in 2021

Not many would disagree with the point that listening to music via online streaming services marks the modern-day.

Even though CDs, vinyl and cassettes have a small but passionate audience but intense competition in the streaming market keeps people aware of the various options that they have to tune in to their favourite beats. There are important differences that set these major platforms apart. Take this write-up as a guide, where we examine and compare these differences and also bring forth some lesser-known services that you should be knowing about.

Spotify vs Soundcloud vs Apple music: a debate in 2021 for audiophiles and brands across the globe. We’re not here to settle this debate once and for all, but we will make it easier for you to make a choice.

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Three of the aforementioned massive streaming platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. What’s more, they fill completely separate niches. Spotify provides an expansive and more curated music streaming service for music fanatics and casual listeners alike. Soundcloud, on the other hand, is a very different platform, known for allowing startup artists and rappers to get a foot in the door. When Soundcloud Pakistan launched, it gave a much-needed throttle to the upcoming artists in the hunt for a platform.

For the vast majority of users, Spotify becomes a better choice between the two as it has an easy-to-use interface that is coupled with a large selection of music that caters to most listeners who just want a fabulous music app. For me, personally, it gets slightly difficult to search for an original version of a song on Soundcloud and its algorithm doesn’t search alike songs for me. On the other hand, Spotify Pakistan gives me a whole experience by fetching out alike songs that are linked to the music genre that I listen to.

Apple Music, on the other hand, has an enormous library that incorporates some iTunes-exclusive tracks and albums, as well as curated playlists and live radio. The service – $10 per month; Family, $15 per month for a total of six accounts using iCloud Family Sharing – is available on numerous platforms, including Android devices and even Samsung Smart TVs. Country and region restrictions are also a problem as not everyone can try out the Apple Music app. It also doesn’t have a freeware version.

The best music streaming services in Pakistan for 2021 are Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon, Tidal, Idagio, Audiomack, Jazzed, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and LÜM. Many of them can be downloaded via using proxy sites.

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