Solar Eclipse will not be visible in Pakistan

Solar Eclipse will not be visible in Pakistan

The moon will block out the sun today caising the first solar eclipse of 2023 known as hybrid solar eclipse but it will not be visible in Pakistan. The much-waited space activity will give breath taking view in other parts of world.

The Hybrid solar eclipse will show a ring shaped eclipse from a total solar eclipse as the shadow of moon falls on earth. This is the most rare activity of space as the phenomenon of hybrid solar eclipse is unusal.

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Rare Eclipse blocking Sunlight

These kind of solar eclipse are very rare in history that take place when the moon, sun and earth allign casting their shadow on earth and blocking sunlight. Such kind of eclipse occur just a few times in a century.

The solar eclipse will not be visible in Pakistan but it could be streamed live through internet. The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) also confirmed the sighting of this rare eclipse.

According to standard time of Pakistan, eclipse will start early in the morning and end at noon but it will not be visible in any part of the country.

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Some part of the world will witness this rare eclipse partially and some completely. The eclipse will create a ring of fire which will be visible in the Indian ocean. The eclipse will not be available in United States also.

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