First Solar Eclipse of 2023

First Solar Eclipse of 2023

World is ready to witness the most rare solar eclipse from history on April 20th, 2023. Some of the parts of world will witness the clear visible eclipse while other will get partial and light view of eclipse.

It will be visible at parts near Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, East Timor, Western Australia and Eastern Indonesia. It is the rare hybrid solar eclipse with just a few occurring in each century.

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The total duration of eclipse will be five hours and 24 minutes. It will also catch a glimpse of moon shadow as it moves across the sun.

In Pakistan, the Solar Eclipse will begin at 6:34 am and after it the complete eclipse of sun will occur at 7:37 am that will reach to top at 9:17 am. Overall it will end at 11:59 am in Pakistan.

Unique Planets Alignment

Sky has always the source of eye catching and breath taking views for sky gazers. Tonight it would show the best view of five planets alignment along with moon. The view will be visible in almost an arc on the night sky.

The Planets align frequently in solar system because all the planets revolve around sun in the same plane. It was past happened in June when Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter stretched across the sky from low in the easter. The Sky gazers and star lovers are all excited to view this breath taking moment.

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The Planets alignment last year was the first one after eighteen years. Such a breath taking event is expected to happen next in 2040.

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