Iran Delegation arrived Saudi Arabia

Iran Delegation arrived Saudi Arabia

The Iranian delegation reached Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to ease the way for reopening of several diplomatic missions between Saudia and Iran. Both the nations were on strict split for almost 7 years.

The Gulf Rivals prepare to normalize the relationship and solving Saudi-Iran conflict is the first step of this mission.

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The Iranian delegation will visit the closed embassy of Iran in Saudi Arabia and consult all the officials to reopen it in accordance with recent agreement between both the countries.

The Iranian News Agency reported that “Our team is due to travel to Jeddah for preparations of reopening of Iran’s consulate there and its representation in the organization of Islamic Cooperation, while the other will remain in Riyadh to reopen the embassy”.

First Invitation after 1999

Saudi Arabia also invited the President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi, and this would be the very first visit of Irani official to Saudia after Mohammad Khatami’s visit in 1999.

The reopening of diplomatic activities between Iran and Saudi Arabia was announced by China that Iran and Saudi Arabia, who backed opposing sides in conflicts around the Middle East would work towards reunion.

The relations between both countries broke off in 2016 when Iranian protestors attacked diplomatic missions of Saudi Arabia.

After the reunion announcement, the Foreign Ministers of Saudia and Iran met in China last week. Saudi Arabia is also negotiatinv with Yemen’s Iran backed Huthi rebels after eight years of military intervention.

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Saudia Arabia, the World’s biggest oil exporter is now tired of conflicts and wants to exit the eight year war in order to focus more on domestic and international projects for betterment of country.

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