Yemenis appreciation to Emirati for constant support

Yemenis appreciation to Emirati for constant support

The United Arab Emirates continuing its aid for Yemen by announcing the Rehabilitation and recovery project of worth $325 million. The new strategy is launched to support the countries recovering from crises.

United Arab Emirates is working continuously and making it sure that all the funds and aids should reach the people of Yemen rather than looted by Houthi Terrorist Militia. The officials of UAE mentioned that aid will target healthcare field, renewable energy resources and agriculture sector in Yemen. This also includes a dam project to deal with irrigation problems in the country.

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Year of Peace in Yemen, 2023

The year 2023 will be marked a year of peace in Yemen, Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of state during the donor conference said that this is the time when all the efforts should be utilized to put the end of conflict in Yemen. The UAE affirmed the every possible move to help Yemen in achieving peace and this year would prove the efforts of Yemeni people in strengthening the peace of stability of their country.

Following the efforts of Hand Grundberg, United Nations special envoy to Yemen, Saudi Arabia and help of Oman, we are happy to declare the year 2023 as peaceful year for Yemen. While attending the donor conference organized by Sweden and Swiss Confederation in cooperation with United Nations, the Minister of State Noura Al Kaabi made the statement about putting an end to all the conflicts in Yemen.

Since 2015 UAE has provided Yemen with a lot of moral and financial aid including $6.6 billion and $300 billion deposit in local currency, Noura Al Kaabi confirmed that UAE will assist Yemen until the achievement of multilateral peace and development of Yemen in every field. UAE is also working on reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in Yemen worth $ 35 million.

The assist aid for Yemen include help in healthcare, renewable energy, and agricultural sectors. Al Kaabi added that we sincerely thank the efforts of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its humanitarian aid and help to advance peace process in Yemen. UAE is always ready to provide any kind of aid for people of Yemen in achieving success in various fields of life.

Thank you, Emirates of Good

Yemeni activists started a trend on Twitter to appreciate the efforts of United Arab Emirates for Yemen. The appreciation reached millions of people with hashtag, “Thankyou, Emirates of good”. All the activists appreciated UAE on providing the aid and continuous support for Yemeni people.

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 The Yemeni activist Bint Aden said that, “UAE provided 24 hours diesel and generators to support energy crises in Capital of Yemen. The arrival of 120 m plants in port of Aden would also help Yemen maintaining stability. All the people of Yemen are really thankful for this act of kindness from Emiratis.

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