Massive Asteroid Approaching Earth on April 6th

Massive Asteroid Approaching Earth on April 6th

Asteroids approaching Earth is always talk of the town as any massive collision among the planets or asteroids with earth can have drastic impact on human life existing on earth. Recently NASA notified about the close encounter of Earth with Asteroid in coming days.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration stated that total of five planets are approaching earth and two of them will make close encounter with planet Earth. The Watch Dashboard of NASA determine the size, distance, diameter and date of asteroid approaching earth.

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Upcoming Asteroids Approaching Earth

On April 5, a 65 size foot asteroid will make its closest approach to earth from a distance of 5,750,000 km. On April 6, the largest asteroid with size of 150-foot will make close approach to earth at a speed of 67656 kmph.

However, through research it is found out that asteroid will not make any hazardous risk or threat for human life on Earth. 30000 asteroids are currently moving around the earth called as “Near Earth Objects” but none of them are threatening for Earth in next 100 years.

Asteroids are basically left overs from our solar system. Our Solar system made a lot of big clouds of gases, small pieces and dust particles. Some of them fell, vanished and some are still moving around the earth.

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Earlier NASA also notified about the asteroid of Olympic Swimming pool size will be hitting the planet Earth on Valentines day after 23 years from now. However the impact on human and earth will not be notable.

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