UAE Net Zero 2050 Charter

UAE Net Zero 2050 Charter

At the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP 27), Government of United Arab Emirates unveiled the objective to support National Net Zero by 2050. The initiative named Net Zero 2050 Charter came out at 27th COP Conference.

The UAE Net Zero by 2050 is basically a national drive of United Arab Emirates to achieve net zero emissions by the year 2050, making the Emirates first Middle East and North African Nation to achieve the goal.

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The UAE Net Zero 2050 initiative align with Paris Agreement, according to which countries prepare long term strategies on Green House emissions and try to limit the global temperature to face challenges of climate.

While signing the agreement the Government of seven Emirates, assured their commitment to contribute in National Net Zero by 2050. The head of Emirates also committed to contribute their efforts in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) reports.

The Net Zero Charter by 2050 will provide the national action plan on development of strategies, and policies on Climatic Action. The UAE government, Heads of seven Emirates, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment will work effectively to monitor the initiatives in this regard.

Detailed Measures in Net Zero 2050

The UAE government along with governments of seven Emirates and Ministry of Climate is committed to work on initiatives regarding climate change, biodiversity, environment biosecurity, and Public Health as well.

Exchanging experiences, practices, technologies on innovative solutions of problems is also a part of National Net Zero Charter by 2050. It will contribute in spreading education and knowledge among society on climate change issues and global challenges.

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The Charter will also focus on areas of utmost importance like transport sector, construction industry, renewable energy sources and other sectors.

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