Exclusive New iPhone 15 update

Exclusive New iPhone 15 update

Apply released some announcement about iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 pro updating the users that model will be same as last year’s update but their will be definetly a significant difference in the latest version.

Through Weibo account, which earlier leaked the yellow iPhone 14, Apple will release the iPhone 15 and iPhpne 15 pro with all updates about frosted back glass and its pro models. The phone will have more premium look and feel than older versions.

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New Cyan Color Option

According to the sources, New update of iphone 15 and iPhone 15 pro will have a new color option of Cyan. Apple likes to switch colors and update new versions with cool color option. This time update will also launch in new deep red color.

There will not only external changes but Apple is also launching the new update with some prominent internal feature changes. This will have a huge impact on Apple’s marketing.

Some of the external modifications are subtle but important. The action button will be reduced in size, it will also scrap the iconic mute switch for an all-new programable Button.

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The standard functions of iPhone 15 and 15 pro will adopt design of previous generations but moving to next generations has always been a favorite activity of Apple users. This 15 pro update will also feature first optical zoom lens on it.

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