Iphone Camera hack issue

Iphone Camera hack issue

A video of Iphone Camera Hack is shared on Instagram by Photographer Chris Priestley showing how the background of a picture being captured can be enlarged from an Iphone Camera lens.

The video shows that how an Iphone Camera can be used to the optimum. It is worth to mention here that Apple users are unable to capture background of the image but latest video showed that it is possible to capture background through camera hack.

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The simple trick is that Iphone users only have to put the 3x lens on cell phone camera and supersizes the background clearly to capture it. The video uploaded on Instagram detailed with the caption, “Supersize the background in your image with this quick tip. Use 3x lens on your Iphone camera to enlarge your background subjects. This is a great tool for your holiday snaps”.

Virus Bug in Mac, iOS

A security threat virus has been reported in Apple IPhone and Mac operating systems which can easily allow the attacker to get access of photos, videos, messages and calls history of users. According to the report security firm Trellix Research Centre reported the details saying that a bug could also allow attackers to run their own illegal codes in user’s devices.

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Apple has been trying to protect the privacy and strengthen the security of its devices but has not yet become totally protected from such kind of threats. Apple security department added that they found bypass protections for apple users to protect from viruses.

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