PTI Hires Firm To Have ‘improved image’ in US

PTI Hires Firm To Have ‘improved image’ in US

US Chapter Hired A Public Relations Firm

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) US chapter has hired a public relations firm to improve its image in the US, where it has been portrayed as anti-America since April, when party chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan accused Washington of supporting efforts to overthrow his government through a no-confidence motion. 

Following his departure in April, Mr Khan and his party have waged a systematic campaign based on the allegation that the US aided “local abettors” in a scheme to destabilise his government and install an administration of its choosing. 

Support In Pakistan

However, this recent step implies that the party is attempting to mitigate the fallout from its leader’s campaign, which vilified the US in order to gain popular support in Pakistan. 

“This is an arrangement between a public relations business, not a lobbyist, and a group of US residents,” said Sajjad Burki, the PTI chairman’s point of contact in the US. “We are not lobbying for PTI Pakistan, and especially not within the administration of the United States.” 

The agreement, signed on August 1 by David Fenton of Fenton/Arlook and Salman Ravala, counsel for PTI USA, became effective on August 9. It states that PTI USA “is not supervised, owned, or controlled by any foreign political party, but will be directed by a foreign political party in Pakistan in some cases.” 

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PTI Officer in Dallas

According to Atif Khan, another PTI officer in Dallas, Texas, the PTI USA will pay the firm $25,000 each month, “received from PTI followers who are legal US residents.” 

According to the documents submitted on August 9, the party hired Fenton/Arlock LLC to promote the PTI’s “aim for good relations with the United States and the Pakistani diaspora in the United States.” 

The documents appear to support reports that the party was attempting to repair ties with the Biden administration after accusing it of supporting efforts to destabilise the PTI government through a “conspiracy,” which included backing the Pakistan Democratic Movement, which is in power in Islamabad. 

New York – Based PTI

According to the agreement, the PR firm’s main client is the New York-based PTI USA, which has been contracted for six months to manage the party’s public and media relations. 

The same firm had represented the Pakistan embassy in the United States throughout the PTI’s tenure in power. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan dined at Fenton’s in 2019 while in New York during the UN General Assembly session. 

Both agreements, with the PTI USA and the embassy, are public records on an official US website. The data were made public under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act on a website run by the Unit of Counterintelligence and Exports Control of the US National Security Division, which is part of the Department of Justice.

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