Giant Hole appeared on Sun

Giant Hole appeared on Sun

A giant hole is appeared on sun creating fear as it could send strong solar winds towards earth with millions of miles per hour speed. The size of this hole is 20 times greater than size of planet Earth. Earlier another hole was also detected in the past week.

The first hole appeared last week triggered different auroras on the sky which were visible from earth. However, scientists are currently working on the impact of second giant hole appeared on sun.

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Solar winds are expected to touch the earth on Friday with 1.9 mph solar speed. Scientists use ultraviolet radiations and X-rays to measure the specifications of hole and dark patches are appeared from the recent hole found.

Solar winds touching the earth could expectedly impact satellites, technology and Magnetic field on earth. NASA also released a statement about the holes appeared on the surface of sun.

Statement of NASA

According to the statement released by NASA, “Coronal holes are magnetically open areas that are one source of high speed solar wind. They appear dark when viewed in many wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light. At times the solar winds can generate aurora at higher latitudes on Earth”.

NASA also explained about the effects of giant holes appeared on sun, which are usually not a danger to earth but the location of holes on sun could be a problem.

Daniel Verscharen, Associate Professor of Space and Climate Physics in London said that, “The shape of this coronal hole is not particularly special, but the location makes it interesting. I would expect some fast wind from coronal hole to come to earth around Friday night and next morning”.

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Scientists also recently stated that, the hole is giving signals like a heartbeat and section of star also left the surface and started circulating around the top but the reasons are not specified yet.

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