Has Ali Zafar Joined PML-N ?

Has Ali Zafar Joined PML-N ?

Ali Zafar is a renowned singer of Pakistani entertainment industry. He always become talk of the town due to his outspoken personality and involvement in ongoing social talks. This time Netizens are talking about his political considerations and choices.

Singer-actor Ali Zafar wardrobe choice are always cool to talk about but his dress for Toronto concert have mired him into a controversy yet again. Everyone is talking about his political support with PML-N and either he joined the party.

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The singer woke up with a bunch of hate messages, like he is supporting a party that has left many homeless and broke at home. Well Jhoom singer also took it to twittter and clarify the situation with two reasons.

First, the jacket was a gift and features multiple symbols of political parties, not only a lion, but a bat and arrow too, second the singer only wore it for the soundcheck.

Ali Zafar wrote on Twitter, “Yaar So many messages as I turn on my phone in Vancouver inquiring about if I have joined any party”, he wrote expressing that all the chaos was unnecessary and baseless.

Singer not happy with all Talks

Ali Zafar is not happy with all the comments and hate he is receiving on just a dress.He explained that, the jacket he was wearing is from brand “Raasta” that uses local symbols and desi catchphrases for aesthetic looks. It was a gift from someone.

Ali Zafar also wrote that, “Next time, I will even think before wearing my intimates”. Even after his explanation many twitter users did not stopped and kept on adding spices against the singer.

Some of the users straight up rejected his explanation by saying, “Not acceptable, current PDM have done very bad to Pakistan and its people, you can’t just casually laugh it off with this crap explanation”.

One of another user said that, “They would unfollow the singer for choosing the hoodie of imported government where people are dying and there are no human rights. You have to be ashamed to support such parties who torture people on their political differences”.

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Some people also supported Ali Zafar and appreciated his choice of clothing. “He can wear whatever he wants and the jacked has multiple symbols”.

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