Violent speech policy of Twitter launched

Violent speech policy of Twitter launched

Twitter is a social media platform for sharing opinions and giving its users freedom of speech without any stop. Now the platform launched its violent speech policy by introducing new laws and regulations about violent content and harsh language about others.

The company made few changes in its already existing policies about violent content on platform. It said, “We have officially launched our violent speech policy which will prohibit violent threats, harm and glorification of violence against anyone”.

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The company said that Twitter is a place for sharing our opinions and thoughts. Anyone can openly share their point of views and participate in global debates. But the platform tends to face some criticism about violent content exposure. The company revised its policy to make its usage healthy and supporting for consumers.

The company officials said that healthy conversations can only be possible without any kind of violence. Any platform that appreciates violent speech is of no use for betterment of society. Company officials also added that we have zero tolerance for violent speech and threatening the safety of our consumers. This policy will help users get a positive approach of world.

For less severe violation, violent content shoudl be deleted by the user itself for regaining its banned account.

New CEO of Twitter

Elon Musk, the current Chairperson of Twitter also announced that we are looking for eligible person for post of CEO of twitter. As We have a lot other global companies to manage, taking twitter along side is difficult. The requirements for new CEO are mentioned on our sites.

He confirmed the recruitment of new CEO during the World Government Summit 2023 held in UAE which was attended by various renowned officials of governments from around the world.

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