Gwadar, one of the best ports in World

Gwadar, one of the best ports in World

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reaffirmed the current government’s promise to convert the Gwadar Sea Port into one of the world’s best, emphasizing that the benefits of development in Balochistan would be transfered directly to the province’s people.

During his visit to Gwadar, the Prime Minister inaugurated several development projects, accompanied by Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir Bajwa.

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He acknowledged that during the tenure of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, various projects in the power, infrastructure, and other sectors were launched in Gwadar. However, he lamented that the PTI government had neglected these projects, leading to their abandonment.

Despite facing challenges during the last 15 months, the coalition government managed to lay the foundation for development and prosperity in the country, with a particular focus on Balochistan, as stated by PM Shehbaz.

Beneficial Resources in Balochistan

Recognizing the vast mineral and natural resources of Balochistan, he pledged to explore and harness these assets for the benefit of the locals, directing that the fruits of development be directed towards providing clean drinking water, healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.

PM Shehbaz highlighted the significance of dredging the Gwadar port, ensuring it remains one of the deepest among the world’s top ports.

He announced that the continuous process, focused at preventing silt accumulation, had been initiated and was scheduled for completion by February of the next year.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister announced an increase in the laptop quota for Balochistan to 14%, surpassing the province’s population share of 6%. He directed authorities to further increase the quota to 18% for the upcoming fiscal year.

Addressing Pakistan’s financial stability, PM Shehbaz acknowledged the support from brotherly countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, which played a crucial role in averting default risks for the nation.

He assured that all support from friendly countries was entirely unconditional.

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Lastly, the Prime Minister instructed relevant authorities to prioritize the security of foreigners in the province, underscoring the importance of ensuring their safety and well-being.

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