Swedish PM about Holy Quran

Swedish PM about Holy Quran

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson expressed deep concern about the potential consequences of further demonstrations that involve the desecration of copies of the Holy Quran.

He showed his worry about potential serious incidents that may occur if permission is granted for such acts during an interview on Thursday with Swedish media.

Several requests for permission to desecrate the Holy Quran have been made, raising alarm among Swedish authorities.

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Prime Minister Kristersson’s apprehension stems from the potential risks and serious consequences that may arise if these acts are allowed to take place.

Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom clarified that while the Swedish state does not support or condone Holy Quran burnings, they are permitted under the country’s freedom of speech laws. He emphasized that such actions are committed by individuals acting within the framework of these laws and are not sanctioned by the Swedish government.

Muslim Countries Complaining

Addressing concerns from other countries, including Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, and the United Nations, Billstrom emphasized that Sweden does not endorse these desecrations.

He communicated with various foreign ministers and the secretary-general for the Organisation of Islamic Countries to discuss the ongoing issues.

Billstrom stressed that finding a resolution to this complex matter will require a long-term effort, and there are no easy or quick fixes.

In recent weeks, Sweden has witnessed several protests where copies of the Holy Quran were damaged or burned, leading to outrage and concern among Muslim communities both within the country and internationally.

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In response to these incidents, the Swedish government is grappling with the delicate balance between freedom of speech and respecting the sacred beliefs of various religious communities.

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